ILLUMINATED MESSIAH Bible & Art Exhibit is an outreach of the Gagnon Atelier - 103 Michelle Court, Panama City Beach, FL 32407 - Tel: 850-381-8788 -

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The Illuminated Messiah Art Exhibit & Bible is a series of 66 original paintings depicting “Jesus in every book of the Bible”.  Every major Messianic theme from Genesis to Revelation has been illuminated and collected in a brand new Illuminated Manuscript Bible! This bible is published by Broadstreet Publishing company and will be available in the Spring of 2023. To celebrate this brand new Illuminated Manuscript Bible, we are taking all of the original art on tour to churches everywhere!

This touring event begins by transforming your church into an art gallery, displaying all 66 original paintings, and concludes with a powerful Night of Worship. Original art will be created live on stage while your worship team leads the congregation in praise. With moments of exhortation blended in, the event culminates with the unveiling of a 12-foot cross, comprised of 66 paintings, combined together to reveal a hidden portrait of the Crucified Christ! This incredibly moving moment exalts The Word Become Flesh in the very act of our salvation! If there was ever a moment to exhort people to give their hearts to the Lord Jesus, this is that moment!

Imagine, your community, brought together, to exalt the Word of God through beautiful works of art!

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