ILLUMINATED MESSIAH Bible & Art Exhibit is an outreach of the Gagnon Atelier - 103 Michelle Court, Panama City Beach, FL 32407 - Tel: 850-381-8788 -

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The Illuminated Messiah Art Exhibit & Bible is a series of 66 original paintings depicting “Jesus in every book of the Bible”. For example, in Genesis He is "The seed of the woman", in Exodus, He is "The Passover Lamb", all the way to Jesus returning on a white horse in Revelation. Every major Messianic moment in the Bible will be illuminated! Not only that, but all of the paintings join together to form a 12-foot cross that will reveal a hidden life-sized portrait of the crucified Christ!  

The artwork will be on display as a touring exhibit in churches as a community outreach, and will be collected in an actual Illuminated Bible. Since the creation of the Printing Press you can count on one hand the number of illuminated bibles produced and none have used figurative, narrative paintings or held a theme like, “Jesus the Messiah”!  The Bibles will be available at the exhibits as well as online bookstores.

We have a printer that specializes in manufacturing Bibles already on board but with the artwork and specialty printing required, it's obviously much more expensive when compared to a traditional Bible. It's an ambitious project and the more money we raise the more churches we can visit and the more Bibles we can print!  Heaven and earth will pass away but the Word of God will remain forever!  Let's glorify God together by making a beautiful Bible for future generations to enjoy!  If you want to help, please consider PRAYING, DONATING or HOSTING this exhibit!